Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Drill the holes

I worked out that the valleys in corrogated iron roofing material are 75mm apart. My roof is a little over 3.5m wide and about 13m long. So to start making the two manifolds, I cut two lengths of the PVC pipe to 3m and then proceeded to mark 25mm centres.

Firstly I lay the pipe of the ground in a way that it would not roll around. I found a piece of 19mm board and rested a fine point texta onto it. I used this to make a line along the length of the pipe. Then I marked the 75mm centres.

I have 200m of poly tubing and wanted the length of these runs to be 11m long. This meant that I would only be drilling 18 of these holes in each manifold. I alalowed extra length on the manifold to allow for more poly runs to be added later if I needed or wanted.

PROJECT: Solar pool heater.


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