Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Completed unit

I forgot to meantion in previous posts that I painted it with some Pot Belly Black paint. The completed setup with wok will work nicely. I have accidentally discovered that a plastic rubbish bin lid fits nicely on top of the structure once the wok has been removed. Posted by Picasa

The Wok cooker with gas ring fitted

I have fired it up and it appears to work nicely. Posted by Picasa

Wok cooker complete

The rims have been tack welded together and an opening has been cut into the side by first drilling holes in each corner and then using an angle grinder to cut between them. This opening is for the gas ring. A series of notches were cut around the top so that hot air could escape up the sides of the wok. This is important for the burner to work properly. A few more holes were drilled into the sides of the rims to act as air intakes. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 01, 2007

Outdoor Wok cooker

Since visiting the Port Fairy Folk Festival and seeing a large wok being used to make a lovely Paella, we have had this idea that this could be a good arrangement for a party. Being able to serve a Paella or a noodle dish, eg Singapore Noodles would be pretty cool.

Some time ago we saw and purchased a large wok. It cost us $60 and measures about 610mm in diameter and 200 deep.

Recently I purchased 4 wheel rims from Gambier Contracts at $2 each. These measure 415mm in diameter and the wok sits nicely in them.

While we were at Gambier Contracts an acquaintance was purchasing a second hand BBQ and as we had just upgraded ours we offered our old one to him. He was working on a project to organise a BBQ for his church and so was glad of our offer and dropped by to pick it up straight away. Between the second hand one and our old one he will make a great unit. I showed him my plans for a wok cooker and he offered me a gas burner as he had an old one that he didn’t want.

My plan is to tack weld the rims together to make a stand and fit the burner into the top rim. I will notch out some vents around the top of the rim, add a coat of pot belly black paint and I reckon that we will have a great outdoor cooking device that won’t look to shabby and will work well. Posted by Picasa