Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fit Grommets

The holesaw left lots of roughness on the holes. I scraped these off, inside and outside and finished the holes off with a light sanding. I noticed that this made the fitting of the grommets easier when I campared it to the test hole that I had made in a bit of scrap pipe that I had not cleaned up. The other thing that helped was to use a bit of slightly diluted dishwashing detergent as a lubricant.

The grommets fit only one way. The grommets have a curved groove in them to allow for the curve of the PVC pipe.

Look carefully on the diagram from Drip-loc. There is small bevel of the grommet and this ends up on the inside of the pipe.

Take care that these grommets are set properly into the pipe. The inside of the grommet will be round if this is so.

PROJECT: Solar pool heater.


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